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after checking out the options of either stainless ,clear or black .Went for the black as looked the best imo ?
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was nice and easy to fit and came with a cloth to degrease before application ,with it being the same width as the interior plastics lining it up was fine

i purchased through Volkswagen but turns out to be an RGM part
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Vw part number :- ZGB-C11-071 - 011

or link to RGM part (with different colour options i now know lol )




That looks really good too. Thanks very much for the info. I am not sure which of the 4 options would work best with Urano Grey. Ebay have some of the VW stainless steel ones at a very inflated price. The one recommended by Geo is still available on Amazon. Decisions, decisions. Too much time on my hands.
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