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Hi All,
New member with a new T-Cross (2021 1.0).
Trying to get either of these apps working in the car and failing, any thoughts would be appreciated!

- Setup Primary user and login (gone through 2 key registration and downloaded We Connect app).
- plug in either phone one at a time as I thought there may be a problem with the phone side so wanted to eliminate that. Also tried with my wife's (a 3rd phone) (all are not working) via UCB-C port next to gearstick (have tried this process in both USB-C ports in the car).
- [at this point I'm not sure what to do next for Carplay - in the Audi it started automatically?]
- nothing happens, so,
- touch on Navigation icon - get told to go to the store to enable.
- Go to store and see "Loading..." - I've tried this for about 14 days in a row, each day in the morning before work, and sit in the car with the ignition on engine running for about 1-2 hours watching "Loading..." on the screen. (note - I live near city centre, full 4G coverage - very fast)
- Got to see the We Connect Plus plan in there after about 22 days of trying this. Another Simplan menu option is there too.
- Still can't see CarPlay anywhere to activate it?

Now - Phone setup:
- 2 Apple iPhone XR's one corporate the other private. One android 'OnePlus 3T' private.
- Tested all three phones on Audi A4 and carplay or AA starts automatically in car screen. No prompts or questions.
- Went to Apple Store and checked process, ensured things like Siri and other options are correct.
- Made sure there were no pop-ups in the phone I was missing.

Back to T-Cross:
- Restored factory setting, re-registered both keys, Login, set Primary user. Took another week to get past "Loading..." screen in Store.
- Got to the same point as above - no way to start Carplay via an icon or selection.

Still not working today. Went to seek official support and found this:
- Car is leased via LeasePlan - phoned them - they said "VW problem, phone VW".
- Phone VW official help, they said "Contact local VW dealer".
- Phoned my local dealer - they asked where they car was bought - I said Leaseplan. They said "phone LeasePlan support".
- Phoned LeasePlan - they said... (you get the picture...LOL)
So no help from VW.

So, I'm posting this as sometimes these Forums have better experts than the seller.
Hoping that someone here can tell me:
- what is the expected behaviour of the car when plugging in iPhone (after I logged into the car as primary user) - is CarPlay suppoed to just start or is it a icon?
- what am I doing wrong? (ANY help would be appreciated)

I'm loving the car, but not the infotainment stuff.

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The introduction of the MIB3 head unit is the worst ever. Dealers haven't a clue, no comprehensive (or any?) documentation. You are one of the select group discovering how to get this working, i feel for you.

One thing i will ask, as you say you have loading permanently, what wifi connection do you have, and can you test it in any way?

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I know it is no consolation but I just followed the instructions and my iphone (and also OH's when we came to do theirs) just connected as expected. Can't remember the exact process I went through but it would have been whatever it said to do in the manual.

You need to use the App button on the infotainment unit to connect CarPlay) or Android Auto), not Navigation - Navigation is for the satnav which will take you to the store to purchase it (if you want - I haven;t bothered as Maps/Google Maps/Waze seems to be as good)

Now whenever I get in the car it picks up both phones on the screen at start up and lets you select which phone you want to use CarPlay with wirelessly (or whichever one if just one is there and it connects automatically)
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