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Hi all

I've done my first long(ish) run in the new T-Cross today and the first time I've used Apple Maps via CarPlay. By and large this worked really well - even telling me about speed cameras which I didn't know it did. It did throw up one query that I can't figure out for myself - so over to you guys.

The central panel of the instrument display has (I think) 5 different views - Driving Data, Assist, etc etc and I have worked out how to navigate between these fine. However when I have a route active on Maps/CarPlay, every time I switched the ignition back on, it defaulted to the navigation view (telling me the next direction instruction/distance etc) rather than the driving data digital speedo which it had been on before turning the ignition off (my previous car only had a digital speedo so I can't get used to the analogue one yet !!).

Is there any way of programming what the default view shown in this panel is so that I can choose to have driving data always showing ? I know it isn't a big deal to use the navigation buttons on the wheel to move but it would be nice if it didnt go back to maps on switch on.

Also I seem to remember seeing a thread about T-Cross misting up easily ? It was quite a wet day by us today and I really struggled to keep the side windows (esp. rear passenger door windows) demisted without having the AC on and fairly fierce fan on

Thanks in advance

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