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I looked into this when I got my T-Cross..

The dealer was trying to flog me their VW Gap Insurance, which I believe is a 3 year 'Back to Invoice' policy.

General consensus is that 'Back to Invoice' might not be enough to replace the car due the discounts and finance contributions given on the initial purchase which all lower the final invoice price, which effectively dictates any payment you may get should you need to claim. This is assuming that any such discounts and finance contributions are not available in the future, but who knows ??

So, I went looking for a 'Vehicle Replacement' policy..

I followed the advice that others have given on this forum, and used ALA Insurance along with the Discount Code 'forum123'.

ALA offer both types of policy, and even offer a 4 year policy option which fits in with any 4 year PCP's.

I found ALA really helpful, and can't recommend their staff highly enough, really helpful.

Give them a look see..

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