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The all-new T-Cross: Sneak Peek Video.

The small SUV is intended to appeal to young customers and win for the brand - and this is already evident in the test drives. "Black Uni", "Energetic Orange" and "Makena Turquoise" are the names of the vehicle colors. The matching colored camouflage make the Covered Drive a Colored Drive.

The T-Cross should attract attention
"It was very important to us that we create a car, an SUV who stands out in traffic," says Klaus Bischoff. Chief designer of the Volkswagen brand: "When you design an SUV, it must look like it can conquer every street in the world. Independent, masculine, strong. And those are all attributes that the T-Cross has. "

The T-Cross shows that you can conquer every street as it poses outside to the public at the gates of Munich for the first time. Through gravel pits and the valleys of the foothills, up on hills, over gravel roads along the fields to Lake Starnberg. The T-Cross is raging: Ready for small and big adventures in the cities and in the surrounding area.

The T-Cross as a starter model
"The T-Cross extends the SUV family in the small car segment of Volkswagen," says Andreas Krüger, head of the Small series: "The T-Cross is so important for the series" Small ", because young customers are getting started in the SUV segment. "

Cool and practical should be the T-Cross.
The T-Cross tagline: "I am more". Under this motto, the T-Cross will celebrate it's world premiere in autumn. It will not cost more than the class usual - but offer more. The T-Roc is digital and connected. Numerous assistance systems make it one of the safest vehicles in its class.

I am cool
The cool side is seen on the T-Cross: dominant radiator, the wheels emphasised and with colourful 18-inch wheels. At the wheel you can feel the coolness. With its front-wheel drive, the 4.10-meter short racer takes off, the higher seating position allows a very good overview - that's exactly what makes the Sport Utility Vehicles so successful. "Due to the higher position, they have felt much more space in the car," says Andreas Krüger.

In twelve different colour schemes, the T-Cross will come on the market, as his bigger brother, the T-Roc, also in two tone paintwork. Compared to the T-Roc, the T-Cross is more practical, cooler - the T-Roc is more compact.

"With the T-Cross in the SUV family, we now have the right SUV for every customer on offer," says a delighted Klaus Bischoff: "His target groups are the young people, who still have a rather small income." For them bring the T-Cross color and lifestyle into the Urban Jungle.
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