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Hi guys,
I've just bought a used 2020 T cross 1.0 TSI (95ps) S Hatchback. I drove it home from the VW dealer this evening. I was told it has android auto (and indeed it specifies it on Autotrader)
It may well be that I am just being dim, but there are no options on the infotainment system to use it. The menu just brings up the same connection options I had with my 2015 VW UP!

From the Autotrader description:
This car comes with
Exterior Features
Metallic paint
Front and rear parking sensor with ultrasonic
audible with audio volume reduction when activated and optical parking display via vehicle audio system
Black door mirrors
Audio / Communications
Wireless Car net app connect with Apple CarPlay
combined functionality of Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and MirrorLink

Am I missing something? If I connect my phone with the cable, it is fine for calls and music. But no App connect or android auto option.
If its just not there, is it possible to get some sore of an upgrade to the infotainment system? Gadget Automotive design Personal luxury car Communication Device Audio equipment


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