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I am not a new member having joined once I had committed to buying a T Cross. I have appreciated the advice and enjoyed reading posts so I thought it was time for me to say something.

I had originally been interested in a T Roc. I saw many whilst driving around Germany in September. At the time I was in my Alfa Romeo Guilietta which I sold some weeks ago.

I visited the local VW dealer and thought the T Cross seemed bigger and had the added bonus of being cheaper than the T Roc. I enjoyed the test drive and decided on a T Cross. The dealer had one unallocated car, so it was either buy that or wait a long time. I opted for the available car so I am now the proud owner of a Urano Grey 115PS SE with front and rear sensors. Although it would not have been my first choice, I really like the colour. It also has a data plug thanks to the advice from this forum.

I took delivery of my T Cross on Friday following a handover that was booked for 11.00, but eventually dragged on to me driving away at 16.30. I have enjoyed driving the car, it is very solid, seems well made and is easy to drive. It seems to have plenty of power. I am over 170PS, I used it fully on autobahns in September. I am at the greying end of the T Cross market. 115PS is fine. I am also pleased with the cost of insurance.

Like many other forum members, I have not seen any T Cross other than mine on the road, although a couple more were being collected by buyers on the day I collected mine.

The last Volkswagen I owned was a 1994 third generation Polo which I bought when they first came out. 25 years later I have another Polo derivative.

I would recommend a T Cross to anyone.

Thanks for the help and advice of forum members.


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Hi, and welcome fellow urano grey 115ps se owner! :cool:

😮 what did you do at the dealers on collection day for 5 1/2hrs!!! Think i was in/out in an hour including trading in and filling with petrol with the salesman ....

Love my colour too ,grey now ticked off as a owned colour. I like the windows have no chrome trim. Ties in better.
Had mine a few weeks, enjoying more every trip :cool:

Do you have paddles out of interest?

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Spc369. Thanks for the reply.
We spent a lot of time reading the paper, drinking coffee and watching all the other cars going out. By 2pm when the VW finance had still not come through we went and had lunch. Having still not heard we gave up and went home. Got a call at 4.15pm from the dealer to say we could collect the car. Very quick handover that resulted in me leaving with one key. Panic ensued as I thought I had lost a key when we got back. Collected missing key on Monday.
No paddles, just 6 speed manual. It really is basic SE trim but I am happy with that. Enjoying driving it and finding the engine has plenty of power. It is an ideal car for me and I like its looks more than other similar cars. Only a T Roc would tempt me away, but that is not going to happen.
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