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Hi all, coming here from golfgtiforum since I returned my MK7 GTI back to VW and picked up my new T-Cross two weeks ago, got lucky that my dealer found my desired spec already in VW stock so I didn't have to wait for a factory order which would've probably taken me for next year delivery by the looks of the corona situation.

I had previously a MK7 GTI Performance which has gone back to VW after almost 4 years of enjoyment. It was replaced with the T-Cross as daily and a beast of Megane RS Trophy for the enjoyment factor.

The spec I've gone for is the 1.0L 115 SEL in Turquoise with winter pack. Since the car was already in stock it also had the electronic folding mirrors and passenger kerb dipping option installed although I didn't pay for it.

I was never a fan of city SUVs or crossovers but the T-Cross design is catchy and the car is very comfortable to drive especially on crappy roads like we get here in the midlands.

I have transplanted my Thinkware dual dashcam setup from my GTI onto the T-Cross and had a bit of difficulty hiding the cable on the rear boot hatch since there is no plastic trim on the upper side of it so I had to be a bit creative but managed to do it.

One thing that bothers me is how short VW have left the two strings that hold the parcel shelf to the hatch so when you open the boot there is barely any space left between it and the shelf.
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