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Hi All

Had just set off yesterday (about 30 seconds into the journey) and an error popped up on the screen between the speedo and rev counter along the lines of "SOS Emergency Call.. Visit workshop" and the yellow exclamation mark in a triangle warning symbol came up in the instrument binnacle. The same error was showing on the "Vehicle" menu in the Infotainment unit. Also the lights on the 3 emergency call buttons in the roof lining were not on as per normal.

I pulled over, restarted the car and the error persisted for the rest of the journey. However when I started the car to go home again about 4 hours later, there was no error message and the lights on the emergency call buttons were back on.

Has anyone experienced anything similar ? I'm assuming it is an error with the eSIM unit in the car as the WeConnect app wasn't showing any recent data, and also assuming it won't impact the driveability of the car if it comes back. I made a call using CarPlay when the error occurred and although I could hear the person I called, they didn't seem able to hear me but I don't see how the two can be linked as CarPlay would use my phone SIM

Thanks for any advice.
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