soon to be owner from bedford

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Re: soon to be owner from bedford

Post by Tricky2 » Wed Jun 24, 2020 7:38 am

kevin53 wrote:
Tue Jun 23, 2020 10:44 pm
Having gone from a manual to a dsg this time I thought that
In slippy conditions without having a clutch to deaccelerate I’d have to use the brake on a dsg hence I thought a better gripping tyre would be useful to reduce slipping ...
I could be wrong of course please let me know if I am
The DSG should be thought of as an automated manual gearbox. Conventional gears and clutch, (although 2 of those). The odd and even gears are on alternate shafts, the clutches are concentric, one for one shaft one for the other. When it selects the driving gear it preselects the next gear it believes you'll need. It's all controlled by solenoids, and the car electronics.

But the drive is always connected to the engine just as in a manual car. So full engine control to slow the car down unlike a torque converter. (OK if you read my other thread about coasting you will see it's possible when you lift off it decouples the clutch, but the lightest touch on the brake pedal or paddles on the steering wheel if you have them, reengages the clutch)
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Re: soon to be owner from bedford

Post by Digitalracer » Wed Jun 24, 2020 8:32 am

Pete Cross wrote:
Wed Jun 24, 2020 7:12 am
That's not correct, my car has discs all round and it has the 115 engine with manual gearbox, the 95 manual has drums on the rear.
Have a mended my original post😇😁 Thanks for the update 👍
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Re: soon to be owner from bedford

Post by kevin53 » Thu Jul 02, 2020 3:40 pm

thanks for the replies guys
just found out my car is in transit ............

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