New owner from Bouremouth

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New owner from Bouremouth

Post by tcross » Thu Sep 10, 2020 4:24 am

Hi All

Im a new owner I am picking up my SE 115 6 speed manual tomorrow. looking forward to it. :D

Its reef blue I have added rear sensors (VW fitted after market as part of the deal) and it has the black design pack. Only sad not to have LED headlights but is a 69 plate car with 3K dealer miles on the clock so I did not have the option to add LEDs . still at £17.5K im happy with the price saving over even carwow new. No built in sat-nav but I obviously can use apple connect to use Waze which I prefer over the VW sat-nav I had in the polo.
I am coming out of an 18 plate SEL DSG polo so I am hoping I am able to get back into changing gear manually. TBH I found the DSG did not work well with the auto start stop. Ok I am going to be honest finding a gap in the traffic and hitting the accelerator only to find I forgot to switch OFF the auto stop then waiting for it to kick in and the car to start moving...well it was dam right scary at times. remembering to switch off the auto start stop every time i started the car was a huge pain. Also every time I changed driver mode the auto start stop switched back on again. I took my polo in for another issue (this time the wind screen and rear washer jets just packed up (new pump required) they had the car 2 days and loaned me a T-Cross TDI manual and it just felt right. I loved the higher seating position and it just felt more substantial and yet I felt at home because it was just like the Polo inside (except I had the digi dash in the polo and I am going to miss that TBH). I also loved that the auto start stop worked Ok with the manual gear box no more scary experiences pulling into gaps in traffic.

I am looking forward to life with the T-Cross & getting to know a few folk on here. i think I will fit some brighter halogen bulbs +50% when I get chance.

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Re: New owner from Bouremouth

Post by Tricky2 » Thu Sep 10, 2020 7:55 am

Certainly with the cross, if the engine stops, you can wake it up with a slight shake of the steering wheel, unless you move and stop again, it will stay running ready to pull out. This is what I do at junctions I need to exit smartly from.

Oh, and welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy you're cross as much as we do. We came from a 2016 polo, the version before yours.
R-line 115 DSG in energetic orange with reversing camera and keyless

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Re: New owner from Bouremouth

Post by kevin53 » Thu Sep 10, 2020 11:03 am

on my t cross i ALWAYS turn off lane assist and start stop every time (.i turned off start stop on my previous car seat leon so its become something of a habit) .trying to get used to the dsg the last thing i want or need is start stop operating to be honest ...

its a bit like clunk click every trip for me !

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