Front assist bug

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Front assist bug

Post by Elgiganto » Fri May 08, 2020 3:39 pm

Hello. I was wondering if anyone had bad experience with front assist. I have t-cross 1 year now, love the car and I like all safety assistants (even lane assist :D ), but I have experienced 2 fault alarms so far. Car did not fully break but made something like warning break lasting like 1/4 second - it always scares me and other passengers (and probably also car behind me :) ). Both cases happened on roads under reconstruction with large traffic cones close to road (something like this ... 754286.jpg
). I am starting to be afraid to drive on this kind od road. Anyone else with similar problem?

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Re: Front assist bug

Post by Jacket » Fri May 08, 2020 5:02 pm

Have you played around with the settings for Front Assist? You can set it up to alert you early. Go to Car -> Settings. There should be a menu for the Front Assist. I've tested it and go some false positives like you when using the "Early" setting. It beeped at me once (but didn't stop) on a twisty road doing around 30-40mph. There was an oncoming traffic, but probably because of the bend in the road the system decided that the oncoming car was in my lane. It did it only once during this trip, but I returned the alerting distance to normal and never seen it again. It sometimes detects the ramp in my underground parking, and several times It slammed the brakes. The same ramp always triggers the front parking sensors, so it seems to be a bit steeper than normal.

Other than that I'm a big fan of the assist systems too. For such a budget car, they work wonders. I found the lane assist is easily deceived by shadows though (under bridges, etc.), and on wet roads - sometimes it wants to follow other cars tracks :)

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Re: Front assist bug

Post by GeoBog » Fri May 08, 2020 6:54 pm

I wouldn't worry too much, it's a VW thing. My MK7 GTI did this as well on any setting. I was keeping it on Late warning most of the times and it was still triggering false warnings while going in corners on B roads with no traffic around.
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